The Sectarian: Demon Hunter Book 5

by Adam Dark

The only people who know about it are the members of the oldest, best-hidden secret society, and now it’s just back to the daily grind for everyone. But for Ben, things are starting to change in ways he never expected.

Now that the Gorafrim are suspended permanently in their own contained dimension, he has to figure out how to deal with what the Sectarian Circle really wants from him. Another mission takes Ben and his friends across the world, where the Shaddor who hadn’t wanted to be saved are clearly pissed off. Chase causes more issues than anyone thought he was capable of, and Richard Monday seems to have disappeared.

On top of that, Ben’s got his undergraduate dissertation to finish, a relationship with April that he might finally have the chance to pursue, and an incredibly difficult—and probably forbidden—decision to make.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban