The Scent of Leaves

by Kathryn Trattner

Janet has always dreamed about leaving her small town behind and starting over somewhere fresh. The only thing keeping her going is a photography obsession and her film camera. Life is a series of late nights working at a local gas station and days earning a final college credit.

One night Tom appears, charming and handsome, and he goes out of his way to get to know her. Suddenly he’s everywhere in her small town, appearing and disappearing at odd moments. Janet falls under his spell more and more with each moment they spend together until she realizes that reality is different around Tom.

In this modern retelling of the classic Ballad of Tam Lin, the world is brought into sharp focus through the lens of a camera. The line between what is real and fantasy blurs, nature stealing in around the edges, and Janet comes to understand that there is more at stake than just a broken heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales