The Quickwild Odyssey

by Phil Coleman

It’s the end of the world at the ends of the world.
When Lindsay is sent to the South Pole for her winter break, she expects a lot of ice, snow, boring scientists, and nothing else. What’s more, she has to deal with her annoyingly optimistic brother. But when her geologist uncle finds a crystal pillar sealed beneath the ice, the whole world is about to change.
Now, flung across a bizarre Antarctica teeming with magic, Lindsay wants nothing more than to get home. But first she must face mechanized penguins, flying whales, and an army of guardian ferrets—each with an agenda of their own. To escape, she’ll need to be faster, luckier, and cleverer than the rest. More importantly, she has to learn that sometimes to be free, you must do more than run away, you must face the truth about your actions, your family, and above all, yourself.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age