The Prophet of Lamath

by Robert Don Hughes

For centuries, a two-headed dragon has laid dormant at Dragonsgate. Its two heads, Vicia and Heinox, fought perennially for control of its gargantuan body.

But now, it has taken to the air.

Vicia-Heinox has burned villages at random all across the Three Lands, venting rage and confusion. With Dragonsgate open for the passage of armies, war and chaos beset all the Lands.

It was all the fault of Pelmen the player, the powershaper – now the Prophet of the Power.

Now only he can end the evils that threaten to destroy everything…

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Wizard in Waiting

by Robert Don Hughes

For a thousand years, while the two-headed dragon barred magic from the Golden Kingdom, the castle had slept. But now the dragon is dead, and the castle has awoken…

The throne has been usurped by Queen Ligne, while the rightful heir, Princess Bronwynn, has been locked in the dungeons.

The realm of Lamath is in great tumult. But where is the powershaper, the wizard of ancient magic who could understand its warnings?

Only Pelmen, former Prophet of Lamath, has the ability to restore peace to the land.

Previously $3.99