The Prophecy

by S E Turner

Long before the lands were split by oceans or rule, there was deepest magic. But in the wrong hands magic is dangerous with unsurmountable power to corrupt.

The destruction of one of the richest and most beautiful cities in Durundal, and the enslavement of her people, shocks and enrages the Elven Queen. But when she goes missing and the Elven King is found slain, everyone knows that this is the work of the Dark Lord. For her presence hangs over him like an axe. A constant hindrance to his vile ambitions and now her days are numbered.

‘We shall all be slaves unless we join together to end this threat,’ declares the greatest of them: Brinadoon, the dragon king, Lord of all Durundal.

And so it was; the allies of over a thousand years plan a rescue mission to save their queen, save Durundal and save a legacy.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends