The Prisoner of Khlakeus

by Tom Briggs

On the sparsely settled and desolate planet of Khalkeus, Michael Galagher’s life transitions from a tragic beginning to a tense adolescence on the sister planet of Demeter. His return to Khalkeus for military education spirals into captivity when rebels overtake the city, thrusting him into a struggle that tests all of his resilience. Forced into desperate situations by a vindictive commandant and targeted by his adversaries, Michael navigates the complexities of loyalty, fear, and leadership. As he organizes an intricate escape amidst the dire conditions imposed upon him and his fellow cadets, Michael confronts his claustrophobia and the daunting task of tunneling, all while managing a fragile alliance with fellow cadets and the peril of betrayal. His odyssey through adversity encapsulates the essence of the human spirit and the relentless drive towards freedom.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian