The Planetsider

by G J Ogden

A thrilling military sci-fi adventure set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future world.

Captain Maria Salus joined the UEC military when she was only sixteen. Even then, the war with the GPS had raged for a century; a war that had left their planet scorched and irradiated.
With the UEC moon base facing annihilation, Maria volunteers for a desperate mission to save her people. The perilous assignment will force her down to the surface of the war-ravaged world.
Battling to survive on the planet are the planetsiders. Immune to the poisonous radiation. Their blood is the key to Maria’s survival.
But while the planetsiders are willfully ignorant of their world’s dark history, one amongst them burns to know the truth. But will he risk everything to fight at Maria’s side?

If you love the tense action of Aliens and thrillers like World War Z, you’ll love The Planetsider.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military