The Path of Zaan Trilogy

by C.K. Rieke

Magic is outlawed, but he never followed the rules anyway.

Thrilling adventure, bitter revenge and captivating drama thrive in this complete epic fantasy trilogy!

1000 pages filled with Magic, Mystical Creatures, and Epic Battles!

Witnessing the murder of a rider on the plains of this hometown, he was asked to relay a message to a far-off city. Without hesitation, Zaan agreed.

Gifted with an ancient magic by the rider, Zaan is thrust into a war centuries old.

Thrown into slavery, forced to battle a towering ogre, and seemingly at war with the dark god Armoz himself- it’s Zaan versus the world in the epic fantasy adventure.

In this magical fantasy world of swords and sorcery, good and evil battle for the soul of the world. But the most powerful weapon against an unrelenting evil may be the one you would least expect… the power of the human heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories