The Paradise Factory

by Jim Keen

She’s a policewoman with a past. In a future ruled by AI, one bad decision could get her killed… or worse.

New York, 2055. Former UN Marine Alice Yu is a beat-down cop running from guilt in a bankrupt city. Brutally ambushed and left for dead, she’s powerless to prevent a ruthless crime boss from abducting the partner she idolizes. Though it will cost her job in a world with 99% unemployment, she vows to bring him back from the lawless and forbidden Fourth Ward Territory.

Fighting through injuries and resurfacing trauma, Yu relentlessly tracks her mentor’s trail. But when her PTSD flares in the face of a cartel death squad, her bloody background could spell her demise. And if she doesn’t succeed, the entire city is doomed.

If you like gritty heroines, loyal friends, and brutal high-tech worlds, then you’ll love this action-packed dystopian cyberpunk adventure.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk