The Parade

by Matt J Pike

As a comet visits global destruction, survivors are thrust into a new age of humanity in the shadows of a permanent ash-cloud-induced winter, without technology or utilities.

In one broken city where the survivors don’t call themselves the lucky ones, they gather on a strip called The Parade to face this dangerous new world. They are on their own in a dark reality where food is the new economy. It takes a different type of human to thrive here.

Connected by the desire to survive and divided by how far they’re prepared to go to make that happen. They are about to discover there is no good or bad, only survival.

A new tale in Matt J Pike’s epic award-winning series. You’ve heard from the heroes (Apocalypse Survivors: Jack, 4 books), now get set for the villains (Apocalypse Survivors: Norwood).

Book two, War Parade, also on sale now.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

War Parade: Apocalypse Survivors

In the second instalment of his Apocalypse Survivors: Norwood series, award-winning author Matt J Pike looks beyond the horror of survival day to tackle the question of what comes next.

For Zoe Carter and her crew, the answer is chaos. In the days since 12/4, her band of longtime friends and newfound allies has been caught up in a battle for survival. One that’s waging across multiple fronts, as Adelaide’s survivor groups face off in an increasingly vicious and desperate standoff for resources.

But the biggest danger comes from within, as Norwood’s ruthless new leader looks to impose his will on the people in means both fair, foul and fatal. But he’s not the only one with weapons at his disposal and a vision for how the future should look. And people can only be pushed so far.

Previously $4.99