The Ouroboros: Time Cures All Ills

by Woody Clark

When the planet’s wealthiest man receives a terminal diagnosis, he faces the ultimate decision: accept his fate, or deploy his nearly limitless fortune in the quest for a cure. Having exhausted every conventional option, Michel Bouchon is left with little choice but to build the one technological marvel he knows will yield a universal panacea. With his future, and that of mankind’s hanging in the balance, Michel begins construction and names his audacious invention, “The Ouroboros”.

The world is stunned when the reclusive trillionaire emerges from seclusion and announces that he has discovered a cure for every disease. None more so, than his chief business rival, Yan Huen.

In this gripping tale of insatiable avarice, burgeoning technologies, and furtive espionage, the destinies of Michel and his fellow tycoons, become inexorably linked across space and time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel