The McMurdo Rift

by Bradley Lejeune

One ex-wife. Her missing husband. A mysterious alien race.

In the not-so-distant future, Earth stood tall with its sprawling empire, ruling with an iron fist. But the subjugated colonies had other ideas and rose up in rebellion. The war that ensued should have been a simple victory for Earth, but the tide turned when an alien race, the Koru, unexpectedly joined forces with the breakaway factions.

The planet’s fate hung in the balance as a colossal Koru battleship nearly annihilated the homeworld, until the valiant efforts of Mark Franklin saved the day. But the cost of victory was too steep, leaving him a broken man.

Fast forward ten years, and Franklin has left behind his past life, seeking solace in running a bar aboard a creaky starliner that drifts in the far reaches of space. But when his ex-wife appears, pleading for his help in finding her missing husband, Franklin’s frag

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The McMurdo Triangle

by Bradley Lejeune

Missing Ships. An Unseen Menace. A Deadly Coup.
Out on the edge of human-controlled space, ships have been going missing. For years, rumours have circulated about risks to shipping in this dangerous region.

What started as a tall tale amongst traders has recently become a spike in lost ships.
Are they being abducted, destroyed by an unseen force or are they simply vanishing without a trace?

When the UTC government attempts to provide calm by introducing the brand-new luxury liner, SS Majestic, to the old run through The McMurdo Rift, it causes a shake-up for Mark Franklin and the crew aboard the Olympic.

Will they get to the bottom of what is causing ships to disappear before time runs out? Even if it means taking their ship inside The McMurdo Triangle?

Previously $2.99