The Mars Anomaly

by Joshua T. Calvert

When the Solar Flare took out the world’s power…

…nobody could explain why the street lights still glowed in Jakarta.

Was it a signal from space?
When the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) transmits strange images of the Red Planet: a scientifically unexplained light phenomenon on the summit of Elysium Mons has the experts both concerned and baffled.

A team needed to check it out.

The mission to Mars was set.

Now, they had to build the team.

Dr. Rachel Fereira, a world-renowned linguist, enjoyed her life as a professor at Stanford University. Her bestseller about how a possible first contact with intelligent life might go brought her a small amount of fame, but she didn’t expect a call from NASA.

What were they keeping from the public?

Was she ready for space?

You’ll love this hard science fiction novel because we all wonder what’s out there beyond the stars.

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