The Lycan Society (The Flux Age Book 1)

by Steven J Shelley

Monsters are returning to the world. Creatures not seen since the Dark Ages.

A new age has begun and threatens to bring human civilization to its knees.

The mysterious Lycan Society is pledged to protect humans at all costs.

A key figure looms in the coming battle.

Her terminal disease cured by wolf’s blood, the angel-like Yasmin Silver falls in love with her Lycan savior. She also attracts much interest from the wider Lycan community – there is much more to her lineage than meets the eye.

Yasmin’s world falls apart when she discovers she is actually a vampire, the ancient enemy of all lycans. Not just any vampire either. A vampire queen, destined to rule over a race that has been dead for hundreds of years …

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban