The Lazarus Men

by Christian Warren Freed

You know the story. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Gerald LaPlant has spent his life with his head down, struggling to make in a menial job on a dying planet. Nothing ever went his way. In fact, if not for his boss, he doubted anyone would even know he existed. At least until he witnesses a murder in broad daylight.

Fleeing from the scene in shock and horror, Gerald discovers an alien artefact in his jacket pocket. It is the key to a forgotten treasure and everyone wants it. Gerald is forced to leave earth behind to escape. In doing so, he finds himself at the mercy of the shadowy Lazarus Men, ruthless agents who will stop at nothing to get their way.

Gerald must use all his cunning and resourcefulness to stay alive and outsmart his enemies. But with half the galaxy after him, the odds are stacked against him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure