The Last Fleet

by Joshua T. Calvert

In the 26th century, human kind has colonized more than 500 worlds. But the centuries of expansion come to a sudden hold, when the Alien Orbs are found. An old race, superior by every metric, they show no desire for co-existence and destroy any human ship that crosses their borders. The Terran High Command decides to leave them be until a new threat arises in the outer colonies: a mysterious swarm of hostile beings from an unknown part of space devours whole systems and leaves nothing in its wake. Is it a new weapon from the Orb who finally decided to get rid of human kind?

Soon a crew of misfits under the command of Captain Gavin Andal has to find out, because their homeworld is next and the enemy knows no mercy. But Andal’s crew carries a secret on board their ship, that might show a way to save humanity from its imminent extinction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military