The Last Everything

by Frank Kennedy

A saga of forty worlds and two universes, a battle of empires, prophecy, and horrifying destiny, begins in the unlikeliest of places ….

Jamie Sheridan’s very bad night worsens no matter how fast the 17-year-old runs. In the next eight hours, he will become a god or a monster – or he will die.

This small-town Alabama boy, whose life has been plagued by loss, grief, and a fury he doesn’t understand, must find something to live for as the clock ticks. Perhaps his two friends? The brother who let him down? The beauty of a sunrise?

Perhaps the answer lies in another universe altogether. After his mentor is killed, and townspeople pursue him – heavily armed – Jamie learns the truth about a genetic seed planted within him long ago, possibly shaping the fate of two Earths.

This action-packed series starter crosses the multiverse, where “the darkness may drown them all.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure