The Last Descendant

by Kristina Kairn

Cambridge, England. American Pathologist Dr. Abby Whiting longs to know why she never gets sick. The sole survivor of a horrific outbreak two decades ago, she’s certain the answer must lie in her medical records held under lock and key at a mysterious clinic. But standing in the way of her access to classified files is a charismatic, centuries-old vampire.

Tasked with replicating the secrets of the dying predator’s blood, he proposes an uneasy alliance in exchange for her documents. But her research soon sends her down a path strewn with murdered clinicians, a vengeful detective, and an obsessed rival in search of fresh souls. And even worse, her shocking findings reveal a disturbingly outrageous truth.

Can Abby discover the secret to her own strange gift without losing her soul?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban