The Jack L Knapp Starter Library

by Jack L Knapp

Ever wondered what it would be like if an ordinary person had superhuman abilities? Move huge weights, talk mind to mind, and more? You’ll love Combat Wizard!

If you’re a fan of survival books, Darwin’s World is for you. This is ULTIMATE survival among the great mammals of the Ice Age (sabertooth cats!), armed only with a knife and a hatchet. Alone…unless you can make your way across miles of wilderness to find others on this sparsely populated world.

Love hard-science fiction? A small group of inventors, managers, and financiers builds the first reliable spacecraft, powered by a revolutionary electric drive.
Some see them as a threat to established companies; others want The Ship for themselves. And what about the US Government? Will elected officials protect the inventors, or try to steal the secret for themselves?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure