The Island Builders

by Steve Peek

The new islands popped into existence. Civilization ground to a halt. No disease, no zombies, no alien invaders, at least not what we imagined. It was a land rush for 8 billion people.
This mind-bending novel follows Alex Gamble, a ridiculed physicist who knows the truth, Stephanie Hart, a stunning TV reporter determined to follow the wheels falling off our world, and two terrifying, brutal killers embrace the world’s end and claim authority to do what they want. Those left on Earth fight for survival during the rapid self-destruction of the modern world. A novel that haunts your imagination.

“The most original story in decades.”
“Delightfully frightening mix of Stephen King and Douglas Adams.”
”It grabbed me from the first sentence and kept me going until the last.”

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian