The Inquisitors’ Guild

by Dave Dobson

These three stories tell the tale of intrepid investigators from the Inquisitors’ Guild, a group of detectives, soldiers, and spies in the city of Frosthelm. Expect magic, swordplay, intrigue, scheming nobles, dire threats, and grand adventure. Each story in the set is a complete stand-alone mystery.

The three books included are:
— Flames Over Frosthelm
Two provisional inspectors stumble across a magic artifact when their suspect explodes. They uncover a dire threat to their Guild and their city.

–The Outcast Crown
An inspector and an apprentice investigate a murder and a mysterious phenomenon plaguing the city. They find an ancient tale of far-flung evil buried under an unsuspecting city.

–The Woeling Lass
After narrowly avoiding assassination, an inspector tries to unravel the plot against him. In the city, a young apprentice becomes embroiled in her own investigation.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic