The Hammer Falls

by Travis Heermann

He made a deal to get back his glory. The cost of betrayal is a price on his head…

Horace “The Hammer” Harkness refuses to give up, despite pushing his genetically modified physique past the point of regenerating from another death in the arena.

Washed up, desperate for a return to glory, he borrows cash from a man he believes is a Russian loan shark to rebuild his body for a major comeback. But when his gamble pays off, using the prize money to pay for a sick boy’s gene re-sequencing is as good as signing his own death warrant.

He soon discovers that the “loan shark” was none other than the Number Two man of a global cyber-syndicate. Forced to go on the run, Harkness joins a traveling gladiator roadshow where he can lay low until he figures out what to do. But when mobsters threaten the woman he loves, he realizes there’s only one way to finally settle the score.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure