The Gopher & the Erstwhile Wizard

by J.L. Rallios

The Age of Magic has long since ended, but now something unexpected happened. The creatures of magic, both good and evil, have started to awaken. Although it had been prophesied, it had not been foretold that the awakening would begin with a gopher doing what gophers do best: invading a garden – the garden of an ex-wizard. And in this garden grew a carrot that contained the last, and therefore greatest, magic of all.

It is a magic that respects no size or shape as it leads the gopher through many dangers and ultimately to the center of a maelstrom where good and evil collide. It was no place for a gopher, although for this particular gopher, it was the only place. The fate of the world may depend on it.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends