The Golden Key: A Quest For Freedom Episode One

by Marvin Wilmes

Guardian Angel. Island Paradise. Friendship Betrayed.
Roger Wilson is a seeker of truth. He and his best friend Mark Meyers have a bond unbreakable.
An odd messenger named Zeke may have something more to say on their friendship as Roger is given a preview of his destiny.
Will he make the right choices for his future?
The Golden Key: Quest for Freedom – Episode One is the first of a spiritual fantasy trilogy that takes place in the post-Vietnam War year of 1975.
Roger battles tragedy and forges new friendships. The dark man is determined to throw obstacles in Roger’s path as Zeke and his band of angels seek to bring Roger to a place where he is able to make a bold pronouncement to the universe that brings about an ultimate healing of the heart.
Get Episode One of The Golden Key: Quest for Freedom today and begin your journey to discover the secrets known only to Zeke and his Master.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age