The Forever Man – Book 1: PULSE

by Craig Zerf

The world, as we know it, has ended.
One man stands resolute. Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan, seconded to the American Embassy London and, although he does not know it, he is – The Forever Man.
The Pulse occurred in the calendar year of 2022. A sequence of gigantic solar flares created a series of massive electromagnetic pulses that stopped the heart of our modern world and returned us to the DARK AGES. Within days the death toll had reached hundreds of thousands. Fires raged unchecked through the cities, water supplies ran out and survivors turn on each other as mob rule surpassed all else. Even The Forever Man was not prepared for what happened next, as the ongoing flares tore a hole in time and space, creating a gateway through which ‘they’ appeared. From the realms of fantasy – the orcs, the goblins and leading them all – the Fair Folk.
Were they here to help – or to conquer?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic