The Firebreak: A Primer Story in the Breakdown Universe

by Theodore Hodges

The end isn’t coming. It’s here. And you can’t save everyone.

In 2028, in a universe very much like ours, a comet appears without warning and shocks the world. Hours pass, and people across every nation flood hospitals and overwhelm the global infrastructure. Hundreds become thousands, then millions, then billions. Nations collapse, armies rise, and an opera of annihilation plays out for a captive audience. In a matter of weeks, the Cosmic Virus consumes everything in its path.

While humanity enters its darkest hour, a conspiracy of bureaucrats and soldiers initiate a final throw of the dice. But the price for this gambit, this “Operation Firebreak,” is steeper than any other in human history.

It falls to Delta Force operator, Thomas Beckett, to make it happen.

Through his choices and sacrifices, humanity will live, die, or become a plaything for evils beyond reckoning.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military