The Fire Within

by Jessica Cage

From the ashes, a Phoenix is born but not every bird earns their wings.

Nuria is anxious to leave her realm and explore the other worlds but because there is a high price on the wings of the phoenix, it was made so that each one would have to earn the right. The female bird of fire has a special allure over men which had proven to be both a great asset and a liability. For this reason, it must be proven that she is master of her own sexuality and will not fall prey to the will of another.

Carrick, the alluring roamer who has just returned home, has been named her tutor. Under his instruction, Nuria will explore her sexuality. The mystery man has more to show her than simply how to make a man bend to her will. He will push her to her limits in order to unlock the fire within.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban