The Fire of Winter

by Talia Beckett

Can an angel be a demon?

Daughter to a half-elven, half-angelic princess and the demon who raised her, Tanwen doesn’t know who or what she truly is.

Kept from living a full life, she’s known nothing but the magic and destruction her father has taught her. Now she’s divided, evil and goodness fighting their battle within her.

Can she find her mother’s people before it’s too late? Or will the wreckage wrought by the demonic part catch up to her first?

Her father has plans for her still, and the elves he wishes to enslave are rising up in force. With the land divided, desperate not to be conquered. The elven world as they know it could topple along with her.

But will she protect them or turn them into ash and embers?

Find out now in this epic tale of an elven heiress, her unlikely friend, and his not so tame wildcat.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery