The Feedback Loop Box Set

by Harmon Cooper

Quantum Hughes has been a gamer for most of his life.

Trapped in an online world, he lives his days on repeat, fighting the same killer NPCs and playing out the same story line again and again.

Suddenly, Quantum receives a message from an actual human player named Frances Euphoria, his first message in two years, a message that sparks an adventure across multiple online fantasy worlds the likes of which he could have never imagined.

Now he’s taking on a murder guild known as the Reapers, riding dragons across floating continents, using steam-powered robots to battle enemies as tall as skyscrapers, and equally important — talking smack and backing it up with his vast inventory list of ridiculous guns and clever movie weapons.

LitRPG meets cyberpunk musings and fantasy action in this best-selling sci-fi series!

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Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations