The Farthest City

by Daniel P. Swenson

In the far future, intelligent machines resurrected the human race then disappeared. Now humanity wages a losing war against the alien Hexi.

One soldier, Sergeant Sheemi Tanamal, experiencing unbearable loss after the death of her brother, possessed by her anger, wants as much revenge as she can get before she dies in battle. However, her father has other plans for her, and an unexpected mission changes everything.

Citizen Kellen Beaudin, is an artist with a different, but equally troubling past. Living a life of secrecy, far from the family that rejected him, his safe existence is shattered by someone stirring up echoes of the past. Kellen’s origin is deeply intertwined with the machines, although he doesn’t understand how or why. He learns who he really is when his machine obsession takes him on an incredible journey.

Neither Kellen or Sheemi will ever be the same.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure