The Eye of Elektron (The Sumrectian Series Book 1)

by Leigh G. Wynn

Dawn Rene has no special powers. Average, plain and weak, she survives under a brutal regime by pretending to be invisible. And to the superhuman Sumrects she serves, her existence is irrelevant… Until now.

When she tries to save her brother’s life in a twisted painting competition, she accidentally awakens a banned magical device capable of freeing humans from Sumrectian tyranny…

In front of Ansel Cassadian, the most powerful Sumrect in a thousand years.

Now he needs her. He knows everything about her. And he will go to any length to capture her…

But not for the reasons Dawn believes.

Little does she realize this is not their first encounter. Her fate has long been intertwined with his ever since a tragic betrayal eleven years ago.

As evil threatens to destroy all she holds dear, Dawn must unravel the secrets of her past before time runs out.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

The Blood of Belua (The Sumrectian Series Book 2)

by Leigh G. Wynn

Amber Chesterfield is untagged. Unlike most Korpora citizens, Amber doesn’t have a chip in her brain. Her thoughts are unmonitored. Her motives go undetected. And the government desperately needs a human like her…

To assassinate the most powerful Sumrect in a thousand years, Ansel Cassadian.

When a group of highly trained government officials kidnaps her and threatens to kill her family, she has no choice but to accept the impossible mission.

With the help of Roy, a human agent well-versed in Sumrectian magic and technology, Amber secures a position as Ansel’s assistant—a position that allows her to get up close and personal with her target.

Too close.

As Amber falls for the Sumrect she must kill, she uncovers a sinister secret the government has been hiding from its programmed citizens…

And the power to defeat the greatest evil her world has ever seen.

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