The Enhanced Series Box Set: The Complete Dystopian Series – Books 1-10

by T.C. Edge

In the city of Haven, the final refuge for humankind in a world torn apart by war, something is stirring.

Separated by large walls, the city is divided. Inner Haven calls home to the Enhanced, genetically modified men and women who now control the city. Outer Haven is home to the Unenhanced, normal humans living under the illusion of peace.

But the truth is very different.

From the centre of Inner Haven, in the grand structure known as the High Tower, the genius rulers of the city look down on it all. And in the streets outside, the sprawling alleys and lanes of Outer Haven, something stirs in the shadows.

Brie Melrose has always lived in those alleys. Just a normal, Unenhanced girl of 18, her existence was always set to be simple. But, as war begins to stir, so does something inside Brie…

And soon enough, the simmering beneath the surface will erupt, with epic results.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian