The Elven Prince’s Kiss

by Abella Ward

All a man had to do to catch my eye was fight well. After the beautiful performance Victor had just given, I’d be a puddle for days…

They always told me that, being a half-dwarf, I wouldn’t amount to anything. But I proved them wrong. I’m now a high-ranked member of the Protective Guild.

I was hired to escort the elven Princess Charlotte and her brother Victor to her wedding. I thought that the worst part of the job would be to drive the Guild’s old Hummer. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Before I know it, we’re under attack by rogue elves, trolls–and, worst, my own traitorous emotions. Emotions involving Victor. I must be crazy. He’s a typical elf–snooty and arrogant.

And beautiful, graceful and strong.

But nothing can happen between a half-dwarf and an elf, especially when that elf is a prince. Or is there a way after all?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban