The Eighth Excalibur

by Luke Mitchell

This isn’t your grandma’s King Arthur story.

Nate Arturi isn’t a knight in shining armor. He sure as hell isn’t a king. And the last time someone called him heroic, it was because he fetched his neighbor’s corgi off the roof.

But when an ancient alien beacon awakens on Earth, the Merlin is left with little choice. Any Knight in a Doomsday, or so the saying goes.

Now, ambushed and tricked into accepting a foul-mouthed Excalibur from a homeless wizard, Nate can’t help but feel his senior year at Penn State has gotten a little out of hand. But when an armada of butt-ugly troglodans and exotic gorgon killers starts raining from the sky, one thing becomes inescapably clear:

Unless he mans up and gets that damned beacon off of his planet, everything he knows is about to be burned to a crisp…

Draw your space sword, grab The Eighth Excalibur, and prepare for adventure today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera