The Ebon Knight

by James Wood

How far would you go to rescue your sworn enemy?

Two adversaries on opposite sides of the Eternal Conflict meet by chance and become allied against a new and sinister third power that has entered the fray.

Kelso Hart is outcasted from the Light and bearer of the fabled sword “Argenta”—a sentient monster in her own right. The latest in a long line of grim Knights of myth and legend that are cursed to carry the sword, whomsoever unsheathes Argenta becomes nigh unstoppable—and a completely unscrupulous killer.
Ava Pentran is the youngest Princess of the ruling house of the Dark, and harbors a secret known to none. Exiled and hunted, she lives still only due to her intimidating battle prowess and unique relationship to the Furies—a sect of fierce warrior women who are her only friends, companions, and protectors. She is also a predator of predators, and her justice is always fatal.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban