The Dragon Rogues

by D.K. Holmberg

An incredible thief. An impossible heist.

Fresh out of prison, Jonathan Aguelon wants one big score before he leaves the city for good. The job will be more complicated than any that he’s ever attempted, but this time he can steal more than money, he can get revenge—but only if he follows a mysterious benefactor’s plan.

With the right team, Jonathan can succeed, but much in the city has changed during his time away, and the Dragon doesn’t have the draw he once did. The team of outcasts he assembles needs time to prepare, but time is the one luxury they don’t have.

As his benefactor pushes him into action, Jonathan refuses to be used by anyone, but can he refuse when his team might be all that stands before a coming war—if they can find a way to work together first?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic