The Dragon Gate

by Randy Ellefson

A horde of dragons. A world in peril. And the only saviors are imposters from Earth.

It has been five years since the Ellorian Champions banished the dragons. The rampages stopped, cities are rebuilding, and peace has thrived. Until now.

The dragons have returned. Someone opened the Dragon Gate and only the Champions can close it. If only they had not gone missing years ago…

A desperate kingdom tries to summon them with magic – but instead of the Ellorians, it brings four startled friends from Earth. Told of the quest to seal the Dragon Gate, and that they cannot go home until they do it, the unwilling pretenders realize that finding the Ellorians might be the only way to stay alive and get home.

But the Ellorian Champions might be the biggest threat of all…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic