The Djinn Wars: Books 1-3

by Christine Pope

This boxed set contains the first three books in the post-apocalyptic Djinn Wars series:

CHOSEN: When a fatal fever nearly wipes out the world’s population, the survivors of “the Dying” believe the worst is in the past. Little do they know….

TAKEN: A survivalist group is intent on eradicating the djinn. With the survivors developing a weapon that could quite easily tip the scales in the war between human and elemental, Jessica Monroe is torn between saving her djinn lover or betraying what’s left of humanity.

FALLEN: When a group of rogue djinn goes on the attack, Jessica must launch a desperate mission to retrieve the one person who can help. But after an ancient rival returns to carry out his own revenge against the survivors, Jessica may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic