The Disappeared

by Valerie J. Mikles

He needed a pilot, but he hadn’t expected to find one like this. Had Danny just caught a break or brought a world of trouble down on them?

Oriana might have been a 400-year old cargo ship, but she got the job done and it was home. When he saw the woman running across the space port, Danny’s first instinct, as always, was to try to help.

Not all distressed women are damsels.

She might have needed a hand at that moment, but Corey wasn’t a shrinking violet. She was bounty hunter with a sharp mind, deadly skills, and an ex trying to chase her down. It wasn’t her way to rely on other people, but desperate times call for quick thinking.

One insanely short job interview later and both of their lives were changed. It was time to go.

You’ll love this space adventure, because a found family is worth fighting for, even if it means learning to trust.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure