The Devolution of Adam and Eve (TIO Book 2)

by Mit Sandru

Genetic Altering Pathogen Devolves Humans into Apes
Billions of people are losing their minds, devolving into apes. The governments impose worldwide quarantine, while agencies like WHO, CDC, and NIH, among others, rush to identify the pathogen and develop an antidote.
But the pathogen is not a virus, or a nerve agent; it is a complete mystery, and the scientists are helpless. Is this a natural occurrence or was it created in a lab by evil minds, intending to exterminate the human race?
Claire, Prescott, and Travis are asked to use their paranormal ability to identify the pathogen, find the criminals who developed it, and prevent the Apocalypse. Time is against them, and they have to use all their skills to help the survival of humanity while the clock is ticking.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic