The Demon Shroud

by T.A. Miles

One thousand years ago, an apocalypse cracked the foundations of the world. From the ruins, came the Vadryn, and the promise of a suffering beyond death.

Korsten is an enthraller, a demon-hunting priest with a dubious blessing; to perceive and attract demons. When an army vanishes into the misty depths of the northern woods, immediately following the overtaking of a nearby town by demonic forces, he and his partner are sent out to investigate. They uncover a hidden fortress, soaked in slaughter and the sickness of demons.

But more than death and disease are lingering in the fortress’ foreboding halls. Two ancient evils have converged to grow an army of creatures empowered by death. Trapped between them, Korsten must confront his dangerous gift, or risk invasion by the deadliest force to come across the Borderlands.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Mother of Heretics

by T.A. Miles

The ongoing war between men and demons affords no rest for the Order. Korsten and Merran are once again out in the field, hunting what hunts for the blood and souls of human beings.

Their search takes them to the coastal city of Indhovan, where peculiar disappearances are being attributed to the Vadryn. Korsten and Merran soon learn that the demons are indeed present, along with something else; something which despises the priests with equal passion to its hatred of the Vadryn. Its solution: to summon destruction.

In order to quiet this force, Korsten must first defeat another, one equally powerful and which will use his enthraller talent against him—and against all humanity, if he does not gain command of it.

Previously $5.99