The Deepest Cut

by DG Lamb

WINNER of the Literary Classics Gold Medal for Young Adult Science Fiction of 2018!
WINNER of the Independent Authors’ Network Outstanding Science Fiction book of 2018!
Bronze Medal winner for Teens in United Kingdom’s Wishing Shelf Book Awards!

Trapped and alone, can he survive?
Young Joshua finds himself trapped outside the mining colony on the planet of Cypress Grove. He faces a dark rainforest infested with a creature so deadly, it has kept all humans confined inside their only settlement for decades.
But the colony’s criminal underworld may be even worse…
In this original coming of age tale, debut author DG Lamb lays the foundation for the Driven to the Hilt series with plenty of action, unique style, and a richly crafted young hero.

“…a debut novel that brilliantly introduces a series (5books) with huge promise of entertainment.” Readers’ Favorite

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure