The Curious Little Book of Extraordinary Big Tales

by Richard Hennerley

Did you know that real Trolls have horns, can run as fast as cheetahs and have a deep and abiding hatred of Bankers?

Did you know that you began your existence as a random handful of atoms, coalescing together after journeying across the vastness of the Universe and when God saw you he was so moved by your beauty that he tore a piece off himself and placed it inside you?

Did you know that as you read this the Blind Old Weaver Of Fate is Clumsily Spinning Together the course of your life – She is random, malicious, capricious, bountiful.

Did you know that a Fairy lives for exactly 897 years and 13 days and that they steal children because they can’t have their own.

Welcome to a land of ‘fake’ news and false narratives where the Greedy One Percent conspire to control your life – and to murder a Princess.

Welcome to Anywhere.

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Category: Dark Fantasy