The Crimson Deathbringer Series Six-Book Box Set (Books 1-6): An Epic Space Opera/Alien Invasion/Time Travel Adventure

by Sean Robins

A galaxy-conquering alien fleet …

… is on Earth’s doorstep.

A formidable alien armada stands on the brink of vanquishing the cosmos, their gaze set firmly on every inhabited world. The last line of defense? An eclectic crew of improbable champions: a maverick starfighter pilot, a daredevil stuntwoman, a lethal super-assassin, and a cosmic prankster with alien tricks up his sleeves. Their mission: to shield not just humanity, but billions of other intelligent lifeforms spanning the multiverse.

This box set amasses SIX CHART-TOPPING SPACE OPERA NOVELS, packing OVER 2700 PAGES OF UNRELENTING, PULSE-POUNDING ACTION that’s garnered an overwhelming 3500 REVIEWS AND RATINGS (95% of them positive!) on Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera