The Connection Forging Steel

by Gaston King

In the year 3045, lies 18-year-old Justin Steele, mentored for the past decade by his grandfather in combat and the intricacies of the animal kingdom. Seeking recognition from his father, Noah, the top protector of their country Ignacia, Justin strives to forge his own path by surpassing the difficult trials of the Wildlife Training Program (WT). Each member is awarded an animal partner, and the pair are reintroduced into a select part of the country depending on the assigned animal. Justin’s journey unfolds as he is partnered with Coco, a South American coatimundi.

Empowered by his grandfather’s teachings, Justin discovers he possesses an ancestral metallic strength within. Justin and Coco must navigate their newfound abilities to shield Ignacia and contest the menacing members of the AFA, an organization determined to undermine everything the WT has built.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure