The Chronicles of Artera: Arteran Anthology (Vol. One)

by D.M. Sanders

Journey to the medieval world of Artera, once known as Tel’aia, with three fantastic short stories:

1) Long ago, in a time when the elves held dominion over Artera, magic was everything. They shaped the world with it during times of peace. However, a great evil now casts a dark shadow upon the world and an elven sorcerer seeks more power—but at what cost?

2) Magic has all but disappeared as refugees narrowly escaped their homeland, avoiding capture by a genocidal tyrant. A weary and demoralized group of humans navigate the vast oceans of Artera, searching for a new land to call home.

3)Contests, games and a grand tournament! The annual Nimaéan Festival is coming to a close as the Dance of Steel reaches its climactic finale. Come and bear witness to the thrilling, heart-pounding, non-stop sword fighting action.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery