The Cardinal Sky

by M.K. Osmun

She was the hunter. Now she’s the prey…

Sky escaped a warlord who forced her to murder hundreds in his name. She hid for years, keeping her identity a secret. Until the impossible happens.

A stealth jet speeds across Earth’s conquered skies and defeats two of the invaders’ crafts before it’s shot down. Sky hasn’t seen a plane since aliens destroyed all human technology a decade ago. She knows she shouldn’t get involved, even if the pilot is hanging off the cliff in front of her.

But if she wants to find out how he got the power on, she’ll have to save him. She just doesn’t know that doing so comes at a horrific price that will shatter her world.

If you love powerful heroines, tortured heroes, morally gray characters, and slow burn romances, you’ll love this thrilling action-packed adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic