The Bridge to Magic

by Alex Thornbury

Elika always knew there was no escaping the deadly Blight, knew even that her life would end when she was finally forced to step foot on the bridge to the Dedlands. The cursed bridge that had taken her parents, and the lives of more poor fools than she could count. Even were she one of the few to make it across, what’s there for them anyway on the other side of the great chasm but more suffering and death?

Besides, there was always hope. They just need to destroy every echo of magic, the source of the Blight. Or so she thought, until she discovers that the biggest echo of magic is hiding inside her, and through her it seeks to enact the will of its own. She must race to find a way to purge herself from magic’s hold. But as time runs out for the city and her magic only grows in power, can she sacrifice herself to save the last of humanity and those whom she loves?

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Category: Dark Fantasy