The Blood-Born Dragon

by JC Rycroft

A bond she didn’t choose.
A love she can’t escape.
A creature so powerful it bends the limits of time…

Des Mildue is a sellsword in Rescalin, a kingdom of rogues and opportunists. She keeps her nose clean, brazens it out with a blade when she can’t, and keeps others at arm’s length where they can’t mess up her plans.

When a sword fight gone wrong leaves her bonded to the first dragon in centuries, Des has to contend with a new voice in her head: haughty, willful Esquidamelion. She wants to leave Squid by the roadside, but the blood bond has other ideas.

With half the world on their tail – including Liv, her beautiful, faithless ex who Des is
*definitely* over – Des must search for answers: why are so many willing to kill to get their hands on Squid? Her blood bond may have tied her not only to a dragon, but to a fight for the future…

…and no one else even knows it’s at risk.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic