The Blade Mage

by Phillip Drayer Duncan

The sword chooses its wielder.

I never asked to be Blade Mage. My fellow wizards weren’t thrilled about my selection, either. Unfortunately, those weird old druids have a strict no returns policy. So I left, and for the past few years, I’ve hidden from my responsibilities. But I always knew one day the Cabal would come looking for its precious sword.

And, so they have, but only because a crime has occurred…

A wizard has used forbidden magic to slay a fellow wizard. It’s an open and shut case. The killer admitted it. The Cabal only expects one thing of me – They expect me to play the role of Executioner.

Problem is… The accused is my best friend.

And before I chop off his head, I want to know the truth. But the path is filled with shifty wizards, fearsome witches, insidious demons, and supernatural conspirators at every turn.

It ain’t easy being the Blade Mage.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban